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Serial Connectivity System Technical Overview

TCX-1000 System Datasheet (PDF)



The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network connects remotely-located, serial-enabled devices to existing PC applications. The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network provides an end-to-end solution for world-wide connectivity to previously inaccessible devices - even for devices behind firewalls, without any changes to the firewall or application. 


Firewall Traversal 

Connecting to devices hosted at third-party sites - whether to geographically diverse sites within an organization or across organizational boundaries - inevitably leads to firewalls and the need to change their configuration. Getting firewalls reconfigured is becoming an increasingly daunting task as more and more devices require special consideration. The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network eliminates all these expensive, time consuming, and error-prone processes by using already open outgoing ports to make connections to a central gateway, significantly simplifying deployment and system management.

Application Transparency 

The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network appears to the PC application as a very long serial cable. Set the application to use one of the Connectivity Client's virtual serial ports and let the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network do the rest! No expensive back-office upgrades to make, no new PC software to purchase or create. Just use the your existing application as is, and do it from anywhere in the world. User/Device Separation The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network provides network administrators with complete control over users on an individual basis. By centralizing administration and separating device authentication from user authentication, the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network provides network administrators with ability to enable/disable and change access privileges on a per-user basis from central point, using a secure web-browser interface. 


The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network is a highly secure system using SSL and AES 128-bit encryption for all communications. In addition, bi-lateral authentication between Connectivity Servers and the Connectivity Gateway, as well as between Connectivity Clients and the Connectivity Gateway, must be successfully completed before any bearer traffic is sent. In fact, the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network's smart port technology means that the firewall continues to act like a firewall, further enhancing security.  

Central Administration

The Connectivity Gateway allows corporate administrators to manage access and configuration of both Connectivity Servers and Connectivity Clients through a web-browser.  Account administrators can activate/deactivate devices, select which users can access which devices (and which device ports), and add/delete/modify user accounts.  They can also see usage statistics and rename devices/ports with descriptive names.

User/Device Authentication Separation

The Connectivity Gateway authenticates users and devices separately, greatly simplifying and enhancing system administration.  User access and privileges can be modified independently of devices; significantly enhancing security and reducing the administration issues associated with a distributed authentication architecture.


The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network can be installed and operating within minutes. In the vast majority of installations, the Traversix Connectivity Server requires no intervention beyond plugging the cables in. Upon power-up it will communicate with the Traversix Connectivity Gateway and can be accessed by any authorized user.  


To connect to a device, a user activates the Traversix Connectivity Client on a PC and selects the desired Traversix Connectivity Server and Port (i.e. the device). In two steps, one to log in and one to select the device, the system is ready to use. 

Application Areas 

  • Security Systems 

  • Building Automation 

  • Hospital/Medical 

  • Transportation 

  • Factory Automation 

  • Remote Sensing/Monitoring

  • Data Centers/Telco Central Office

  • Utility Management

Getting Started - Three Easy Steps

1. Install the Traversix Connectivity Server 

Connect the serial and Ethernet cables, apply power, and verify the server is on-line.

2. Install the Traversix Connectivity Client 

Redirect the application to use the Traversix Connectivity Client's virtual serial port.

3. Connect 

The user logs in, selects a device, and launches in their application.  


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