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The following Traversix products and services can be ordered from Wavetrix:

TCK-1000 Starter Kit - $499.95

Special introductory pricing includes everything you need to start using the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network, including a Connectivity Server, and a pre-approved account for the Connectivity Gateway with 90 days' service.

TCS-1002 Connectivity Server - $499.95 

Two-port Traversix Connectivity Server with power supply.

TCA-1012 Connectivity Gateway Subscription - $119.95

12-month subscription for your Traversix Gateway account.
(A lifetime subscription is also available for a one-time fee.  
For details, contact your account representative.)

For all sales, including volume discounts,  custom requirements, or to purchase a customer-hosted Connectivity Gateway, please  contact a Traversix Connectivity System sales consultant, at 469-916-7222 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central time.


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