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Wavetrix, the innovator of the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network, specializes in developing and deploying electronic products and services.  Founded in 2001, Wavetrix is a privately-held company located in North Texas' Telecom Corridor committed to building and delivering products that are customer-focused.  The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network was derived from a synthesis of product requests from several Wavetrix clients.  Each of these clients was seeking a "No Touch" solution for remotely accessing equipment at third-party locations.  The applications varied greatly from delivering new software, to updating content, to making configuration/database changes, to repairing and maintaining equipment.  The common threads in these applications were: to remotely connect to the equipment even if it is behind a firewall (without changing the firewall), to centrally control and administer access to the equipment, and to perform all functions securely.  In addition, the system needed to work with an existing application without modifying the application.  It became obvious that a general-purpose solution was needed and that it would have broad applicability across a large number of applications and industries.

Competitive Difference

Wavetrix's first product line, the Traversix Serial Virtual Connectivity Network is designed to address the needs of customers with serial-enabled equipment that is located at third-party sites.  The existing alternatives - serial servers and remote software management services - are only partial solutions that are "high touch."  Remote access to serial servers requires firewall reconfiguration.  Furthermore standalone serial servers store all user account information locally.  Both of these create significant administrative challenges for tens of devices let alone hundreds or thousands of devices.  Remote software management services are designed primarily for monitoring applications; they are not designed to support real-time communication between users and their equipment. Consequently, they are a poor choice for remotely configuring and maintaining equipment.  In addition, the detailed protocol knowledge needed to implement these systems makes deploying them a time-consuming, expensive process.  The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network, as a "No Touch" system, requires no protocol knowledge, is firewall transparent, and centralizes administration through a simple, web-browser interface.


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