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TCG-1000 Connectivity Gateway

TCG-1000 Gateway Datasheet (PDF)


Connectivity Gateway


    Subscription or License


The TCG-1000 facilitates connections between remotely-located, serial-enabled devices attached to a Connectivity Server to users running the Connectivity Client as part of the Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network.  The Traversix Virtual Connectivity Network provides an end-to-end solution for world-wide connectivity to previously inaccessible serial devices - even for devices behind firewalls, without any changes to the firewall or application.

Facilitates Communication

The Connectivity Gateway is the key to communication between Connectivity Clients and Connectivity Servers.  When a Server is powered on, it connects to the Gateway and continually maintains that connection.  After a Client is authenticated, the Gateway provides a list of Servers/Ports that the Client has authorization to use.  When the Client requests a specific Server/Port, the Gateway establishes a secure, encrypted stream between them.  The Gateway multiplexes connections enabling a Client to connect to multiple Servers and vice-versa.

User/Device Authentication Separation

The Connectivity Gateway authenticates users and devices separately, greatly simplifying and enhancing system administration.  User access and privileges can be modified independently of devices; significantly enhancing security and reducing the administration issues associated with a distributed authentication architecture.

Central Administration

The Connectivity Gateway allows corporate administrators to manage access and configuration of both Connectivity Servers and Connectivity Clients through a web-browser.  Account administrators can activate/deactivate devices, select which users can access which devices (and which device ports), and add/delete/modify user accounts.  They can also see usage statistics and rename devices/ports with descriptive names.

Strong and Silent

Although the user typically only sees are the Connectivity Client and the Connectivity Server, the Connectivity Gateway operates 24/7, processing thousands of transactions per second.  Reliability and robustness are integral to its design and deployment.

Subscription or License

The TCG-1000 Connectivity Gateway is available on a subscription or software license basis.  As a subscription service, subscribers pay a flat, unlimited access monthly fee per Traversix Connectivity Server.  The Traversix Gateway is housed in a secure data center with the redundant computing, power, and communications expected in a high availability system, providing the robust connectivity users require.

For customer that prefer to host their own Connectivity Gateway, a TCG-1000 software license is available for enterprise customers.  An enterprise-hosted Connectivity Gateway has all the capabilities of the Traversix-hosted Connectivity Gateway.  The Gateway is available on a highly redundant, robust platform or a basic computing platform, depending on the customer's availability/reliability requirements.  To simplify installation, the Traversix-hosted Gateway acts as a clearinghouse for Connectivity Servers, redirecting them to their assigned enterprise Gateway.


Remote Access


World-wide Connectivity

Central Administration

Separate User/Device Authentication

High Availability / Reliability

Browser-based User Interface

Administration Functions


Activate Devices


Add/Disable/Delete Users


User Privileges







AES 128-bit Encryption



TCG-1000, Version 1.3

Server Hardware

Operates on Intel processors, 450 MHz and up  
2.4 GHz CPU and 512 MB RAM recommended


Software pre-loaded at factory
Browser-based configuration once on site


Browser-based central administration of user accounts and Connectivity Clients


AES 128-bit


Client / server connection attempts
Client attachment to device ports
Client / server disconnections

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Ordering Information 

Subscriptions for Traversix Gateway use are available for a one-time fee or on an annual basis. Purchase a subscription directly by calling your Traversix sales representative at 469-916-7222.

If you wish to operate your own Connectivity Gateway, options are available.  Please contact us directly.


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